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Grand Italian Wedding in Apulia:

Molfetta's Majestic Duomo and Rustic I luoghi di Pitti 

with Andrea & Marianna

Some weddings are so imbued with emotions and memories that words simply fall short. Marianna and Andrea's grand Italian wedding in Apulia is one such occasion, where photos speak volumes about the atmosphere, the tears of joy, the laughter, the sincerity, and the passion that permeated their special day.


A month after their captivating engagement photoshoot in Alberobello, we had the privilege of reuniting with Marianna and Andrea in the charming port town of Molfetta, situated near Apulia's capital Bari. Here, amidst the city's vibrant energy, the preparations for their wedding ceremony unfolded.


The ceremony took place in the breathtaking Duomo, Molfetta's cathedral, a majestic structure that gracefully stands on the edge of the Adriatic Sea's turquoise expanse. The pure white architecture of the Duomo perfectly complemented the couple's elegant style and the joyous mood that filled the air.


Following the heartfelt ceremony, the couple greeted their guests amidst the shade of Molfetta's ancient walls, capturing precious moments of laughter and congratulations. Then, we ventured to Altamura, a picturesque town nestled in the heart of Apulia, where the wedding reception awaited at a truly exceptional venue – I luoghi di Pitti.

Dating back to the 16th century, I luoghi di Pitti is a former countryside residence (masseria) that once belonged to noble families. Today, this enchanting venue, with its white stone architecture, rustic charm, and sprawling wheat fields, has become a sought-after destination for weddings in Apulia.


From the moment we stepped onto the property, we were captivated by its beauty, recognizing its potential as a stunning backdrop for Marianna and Andrea's wedding celebration. The venue's simplicity and geometric lines perfectly complemented the couple's understated elegance, while the surrounding landscapes provided a touch of rustic authenticity.


As the wedding reception commenced, I luoghi di Pitti transformed into a vibrant tapestry of love, laughter, and heartfelt connections. The couple's joy was palpable as they danced the night away under the soft glow of fairy lights, surrounded by their cherished friends and family. Marianna and Andrea's wedding in Apulia was a symphony of emotions, a celebration of love that transcended words.

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