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Award-winning wedding photographer in Italy and Dubai Hanna Baranava shares her passion for capturing the emotions and memories of the most important day in a couple's life:


Hanna is a passionate wedding photographer and HB Studio founder who believes that photography is more than just a documentation of events. She sees it as a way to capture the true emotions and experiences of the day, and to create a lasting legacy for couples to cherish.


Hanna's journey to becoming a wedding photographer began with a love of portraiture and reportage. She started out by shooting models and events in her hometown, and eventually moved on to covering concerts and exhibitions.


"I remember once being sent to a festival of ethnic music," she recalls. "I had a front-row seat, next to some seasoned reportage photographers, as Patricia Kaas was singing on stage. I was using a Canon 450d, borrowed from friends. It was a wonderful time, and I had a new love - the love of photography."


She quickly gained a reputation for her natural, unposed style and her ability to capture the candid moments that make a wedding day so special.


"For me, photography is a passion," she says. "It's a way to make people happy, and that makes me happy too. A wedding photographer has a rare opportunity to relive a wedding multiple times, working with different people. This gives me a lot of positive emotions and allows me to understand people better."


Hanna believes that wedding photography is more than just a job. It's a gift to the future, not just for the couple, but for their children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. She wants her images to be timeless and meaningful, capturing the true essence of the day.


"The most precious thing about a wedding is the emotions of the bride and groom and their guests," she says. "I'm not just talking about smiles, but also about excitement, emotion, worry, tension, and even doubt. I like all the nuances of these emotions, and I like it when people don't try to hide them and express them openly. That's how the photos stay alive and are able to bring back those moments even after many years."


Hanna's favorite moment in a wedding ceremony is the exchange of vows. "It's the culmination of the whole day," she says. "This is the moment when the emotions are at their peak, and it's the most interesting for a reportage photographer. The tears of the bride or the mother, the excited groom, the carefree children who start playing near the altar... There are so many different emotions around, and you have to be very quick to capture them!"


Hanna prefers to shoot weddings in a reportage style, capturing the candid moments that tell the true story of the day. She believes that these images are more meaningful and memorable than posed portraits.


"I like lively photos with humor," she says. "I prefer the story that is not told with the frontal shots, but the one that is a bit less obvious that can be read like a good novel. Not taking it as a sequence of words, but guessing and sometimes fantasizing. There may also be photos of body details, unusual perspectives, which sometimes contradict the laws of composition, some details taken close up that can better convey the atmosphere. In my opinion, all this works better than the classic clear photograph of the bride and groom in full figure. But of course, a sense of proportion is important!"


If you're looking for an award-winning wedding photographer in Italy or in Dubai who will capture the true essence of your special day, contact HB Studio today.