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Arjun & Sonam

Experience the enchanting beauty of Bellagio on Lake Como through Arjun and Sonam's couple photo session in stunning locations like the Lakeside Promenade and the iconic staircases of Bellagio.


Matthias & Irina

Planning a luxury wedding in Brussels? Look no further than this stunning wedding photography gallery featuring Matthias & Irina's unforgettable celebration at Groot-Bijgaarden Castle.


Burton & Lindsay

From the historic Chiostro San Francesco to the opulent Grand Hotel Royal, embark on a journey of romance with Burton and Lindsay.

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Wedding Photography in Italy & Dubai

Capture your special moments with our premier wedding photography services in Italy and Dubai. Our experienced team specializes in crafting timeless memories against the breathtaking backdrops of Italy's romantic landscapes and Dubai's modern marvels. Trust us to be your dedicated wedding photographer in Italy or Dubai, ensuring every detail is elegantly preserved. Contact us today to turn your wedding dreams into stunning visual narratives.

Couple Photography in Italy & Dubai

Embark on a journey of love and adventure with our bespoke couple photo sessions and elopement packages in the captivating settings of Italy and Dubai. Whether you seek to immortalize your engagement in the romantic allure of Italy's charming streets or desire captivating couple photography amidst the glitz of Dubai's skyline, our talented photographers are here to curate your perfect moments. Indulge in a dreamy honeymoon photo session, where Italy's timeless beauty or Dubai's desert vistas serve as your picturesque backdrop.

About the HB Studio

Hanna Baranava started her career as a wedding and couple photographer in Italy over a decade ago. Over the years, she honed her expertise by capturing the essence of luxury, multicultural, and intimate weddings. Witnessing the profound impact of her work, Hanna decided to establish a wedding photography studio, extending her passion for wedding photography and videography.


Hanna's unique approach seamlessly blends the worlds of classic aestetics and reportage, crafting timeless visual narratives that tell the stories of love and celebration. With more than a decade of experience, Hanna Baranava remains dedicated to immortalizing the premium weddings and couple photosessions through her lens, creating an indelible legacy of joy and beauty.


HB Wedding Photography Studio in Italy and Dubai realizes photography and videography services for Destination Weddings in Italy and Dubai, Elopements, Surprise Engagements, Honeymoon and Family trips around Italy and in Europe.


HB Studio's team based in Italy and Dubai, but available for photo sessions on Lake Como, Lake Garda, Lake Maggiore, in Tuscany, Venice, Rome, Amalfi, Sicily or anywhere in Italy and in UAE. We also work in Switzerland, France, Spain, Belgium, Germany and worldwide.