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destination WEDDING

Destination Wedding in Abruzzo:

Discover the Enchanting Castle Semivicoli

with Gareth & Gabrielle

Amidst the picturesque hills and verdant vineyards of Abruzzo, Italy, lies the captivating Castle Semivicoli, a haven imbued with rustic charm and modern elegance. This 17th-century gem, lovingly restored to its former grandeur, offers a unique and enchanting setting for destination weddings, capturing the essence of Italian romance and grandeur.


The Castle Semivicoli's heritage is deeply intertwined with the region's renowned winemaking tradition. Gianni Masciarelli, a visionary entrepreneur, established his winery in the heart of Abruzzo in 1981, driven by a passion for crafting world-class wines that embody the region's terroir. Masciarelli's winery has since garnered acclaim within the Italian winemaking landscape, earning a reputation for producing exceptional wines that reflect the unique character of Abruzzo. Today, the Castle Semivicoli stands as a testament to the Masciarelli family's enduring commitment to excellence, not only in winemaking but also in preserving the region's rich cultural heritage.


As you step through the gates of Castle Semivicoli, you are transported into a realm where history whispers in the ancient stones and modern elegance graces every corner. The castle's exquisite interiors, adorned with antique furnishings and infused with traditional Abruzzese accents, seamlessly blend with the surrounding vineyards and breathtaking vistas, creating a harmonious ambiance that is both rustic and refined.


Gareth and Gabrielle, a couple from the UK, were captivated by Castle Semivicoli's enchanting allure and chose it as the backdrop for their destination wedding in Abruzzo. They were welcomed with a spacious suite, where they could prepare for their special day amidst the castle's serene atmosphere. The ceremony unfolded in the enchanting church adjacent to the castle, while the reception unfolded under the starlit sky amidst the sprawling vineyards. As the sun dipped below the horizon, the festivities continued with lively dances under the open air, creating an unforgettable celebration that captured the essence of an Italian-style wedding.


Castle Semivicoli provides an abundance of captivating backdrops for wedding photography, ensuring that every moment is captured in its exquisite beauty. From the castle's majestic architecture to the picturesque vineyards and the breathtaking panoramas of the surrounding countryside, every corner of this enchanting venue offers endless opportunities for stunning photographs that will forever cherish the memories of your Abruzzo wedding.


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