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destination WEDDING

Destination Wedding in Abruzzo:

Beach Wedding at Grand Hotel Berti Silvi Marina

with Marco & Grace

While Italy is renowned for its captivating cities and enchanting countryside, the allure of its coastline often remains underrated. However, in recent years, couples seeking a destination beach wedding have begun to discover the hidden gems along Italy's Adriatic, Tyrrhenian, and Ligurian seas. Marco and Grace, an Italian-English couple, embraced this trend by choosing the Grand Hotel Berti Silvi Marina as the backdrop for their unforgettable destination wedding in Abruzzo.


Grand Hotel Berti Silvi Marina proved to be an ideal venue, seamlessly accommodating the wedding preparations, ceremony, and reception within its premises. This not only simplified the logistics of the day but also allowed the newlyweds and their guests to fully immerse themselves in the magic of the occasion.


As the wedding day commenced, anticipation filled the air as Marco and Grace's loved ones gathered for the ceremony. In a heartwarming nod to English tradition, Grace's bridesmaids presented her with "Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue," adding a touch of sentimentality to the seaside celebration.


As the ceremony unfolded, a surprise storm unleashed itself, transforming the tranquil beach setting into a dramatic backdrop. However, rather than diminishing the joyous spirit, the downpour only added a playful element to the festivities. The newlyweds and their guests embraced the unexpected weather twist, proving that love and laughter can indeed triumph over any obstacle.


Marco and Grace's destination wedding in Abruzzo serves as a beautiful reminder that the true essence of a wedding lies not in the weather forecast or the elaborate details, but in the love and emotions that unite the couple and their loved ones. The Grand Hotel Berti Silvi Marina provided the perfect setting for their celebration, but it was the genuine connections and shared moments that made their wedding truly unforgettable.


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